The Old, New and Popular Buildings in Lewes

Lewes is the place for many significant historic buildings.

Glyndebourne Opera House

Four miles from Lewes is the Glyndebourne opera house, founded in 1934. This place attracts audiences for its summer festival and hosts many international talents. The Lewes Operatic society founded in 1911 and the New Sussex Opera and based in this location. It is a 1200 seat indoor opera house. The Glyndebourne festival runs from May to August with six operas.

###T he Monk House It is a 17th-century cottage located in Rodmell. It was once the home of Virginia and Leonard Woolf. It has many of their favourite things stored carefully and their garden is still blooming with flowers, vegetables, lawn and orchards.

Barbican House Museum

The Barbican House Museum at Lewes Castle is the favourite place to view the Lewes Town model and the Sussex archaeology four galleries.

Anne Of Cleve House

The history of Lewes can be found in Anne of Cleve House.

Art Galleries

Lewes has many exciting galleries and art houses showcasing the works of many Sussex contemporary artists. The popular ones are Chalk Gallery, OOH Art, Keizer frames gallery, Lansdown gallery, Sussex Guild shop and Gallery and Tom Paine Printing Press. Other independent art galleries in the town are Martyr's gallery, St. Annes Gallery, Town Hall and Pelham House Hotel. Paddock Art Studios has old timbered buildings with pretty gardens. The Ditchling Museum of Arts and Crafts has international collections that have won many architectural and innovative designs awards. The Lewes Public art Trail is a place not to be missed by art lover and collection admirers.

##Other Popular Buildings

The Reeves studio is the oldest photographic studio operating since 1855. The Lewes Depot opened in May 2017 is a recent new independent three-screen cinema. There are Lewes Dance clubs and pubs in Lewes. The Union Music Store in Lewes is the centre for modern folk, country and Americana. The Lewes Literary Society was founded in 1948. Pelham house hotel has exhibitions open to the public.