Geography of Lewes Operatic

Location of Lewes

Lewes is the country town of East Sussex in South East England. East Sussex was initially known as Sussex. Lewes is located on the Greenwich Meridian. It is bordered by countries of Kent in north and east, Surrey in the northwest, West Sussex to the west and the English Channel to the south.

River, Hills and Bridges in Lewes

The river Ouse and the Winterbourne Stream runs through Lewes. It is located approximately seven miles north of Newhaven and to the northeast of Brighton. The South Downs is above the river on both the banks. The High Street occupies its west bank. The Summit Mount Harry is about 2.5 miles away on the west, and there is massive cliff named Cliffe Hill on its east bank. The other hills in the east bank of Lewes are Mount Caburn, Malling Down and Golf Hill. The wooded area of the Malling Down has some houses, and the two banks of the river Ouse has a bridge name as Willis Bridge. The two other famous bridges here are Phoenix Causeway and Cliffe Bridge. The Phoenix Causeway is a modern concrete road bridge. The Cliffe Bridge is semi-pedestrian kind widened in 1930.

Villages, Towns and Buildings in Lewes

The High Street runs from the east gate towards the west. It is the spine of the ancient town. Cliffe village lies next to it below the Cliffe Hill. Southover is the name of the city next to Priory. St. John and Pellis area are the 19th-century streets. The Pellis Pool here was constructed in 1860. It is said to be the oldest freshwater in England. To its left is the Phoenix industrial estate with many light industries, car parks and fire station. The South mailing residential area was developed in the 1950s. The North Street Quarter is the largest in Lewes, and it became the national park. Malling has two breweries and 18th and 19th-century houses. It lies east of the river. The local planning and road engineering cleared some old buildings to reduce the traffic. Lewes boundaries were enlarged twice in 1881 and 1934. St. Michaels church is located in South Malling. The River Ouse has the South Downsway town, and the hikers stop her off at its village.