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Decentralized domain registration and management services. It is built on blockchain innovation, mainly utilizing Ethereum and the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), and intends to provide users with censorship-resistant, genuinely ownership-focused domain. Here’s a summary of what Unstoppable Domains is and how you can set up a Web3 domain:

a couple of months ago i developed a video on ens which is a complex idea for novices and isn’t actually a stylish subject so it just had 5 000 views recently the procedure behind ens in fact did an airdrop leading to me and a ton of other people earning over 11 000 just for my preliminary investment of 60 to sign up the name whiteboardcrypto.ef i’m here to share something more recent and quite perhaps even much better than ens welcome to whiteboardcrypto the top youtube channel for crypto education and here we discuss subjects of the cryptocurrency world utilizing examples stories and examples so that you can easily understand them in this video we are going to be describing what unstoppable domains is how they might be much better than ens and what that implies for people getting into the complicated crypto space prior to we in fact get to understanding the power of unstoppable domains the first thing we’ll require to do is comprehend dns here at white boards crypto we love utilizing examples so that’s exactly what we’re going to be utilizing to assist you understand dns so dns represents domain service which is a fancy method of saying that it is a


What is Unstoppable Domains? Unstoppable Domains leverages blockchain technology to provide users with domain that are not managed or censored by any main authority. Unlike traditional domain registrars where domain ownership undergoes the rules and regulations of central entities, Unstoppable Domains shops domain ownership info on the Ethereum blockchain. This makes sure that once you own a domain, nobody can take it away from you or hinder your ability to utilize it. Establishing a Web3 Domain with Unstoppable Domains: To set up a Web3 domain with Unstoppable Domains, follow these steps: a. See the Unstoppable Domains site: Go to the Unstoppable Domains site (https://unstoppabledomains.com/). b. Look for your wanted domain: Use the search bar to inspect if your preferred domain name is offered. You can search for conventional domain extensions (e.g.,. com,. net) in addition to blockchain-based extensions (e.g.,. crypto,. zil).

to your internet service provider saying yo where’s google the internet service provider finds out and goes to where google is tells them that you are looking for them and after that grabs a bundle back to send to you now the package is then unpacked by your computer system to show you the totality of the google.com web page utilizing complex mathematics and software all of this communication takes place behind the scenes however to you it’s basic and user friendly in fact if we had to key in into the url bar instead of google.com a lot more people would be puzzled right we do not speak in numbers or ip addresses we speak in dot coms dot orgs and internet since it makes sense to us so that’s basically what a dns is a translator for humans to speak machine code next up let’s see how this works for crypto ens is essentially the same thing that i just pointed out except it’s for ethereum ens represents ethereum name service and practically lets me tell you that whiteboardcrypto.eth is my wallet address so you can just type that in and pay me 20 if you desire by the way if you do not have 20 and you wish to support the channel feel free to leave a like below it’s free and it rewards all our effort on this video and the past hundred that we have actually been truly hard at work developing however anyways if you’re not utilized to comprehending crypto the alternative to sharing white boards crypto.eth with someone is i ‘d have to share them this i can’t tell someone that and i couldn’t reliably type that into a computer system you have to copy and paste it which is essentially what ens does is equate whiteboardcrypto.ef into that address now as you saw the title this video has to do with unstoppable domains so similar to ens is similar to dns unstoppable domains resembles ens however i have actually noticed it’s got around 4 big edges that make it a bit much better primary they enable numerous wallets so personally i think the coolest thing unstoppable domains does is create a multi-wallet wallet and this suggests you can add your wallets for various coins into their software and then you can literally h.

c. Purchase the domain: If your desired domain is readily available, you can buy it by clicking on it and following the directions on the site. You will need a cryptocurrency wallet (normally Ethereum) to complete the purchase.

can get a wallet name that you can reroute to numerous other coins plus you literally are getting a domain now this suggests you can host a real site on whatever domain you reserve personally i have some prepare for whiteboard.crypto however it’s prematurely to share technically you can do this with ens but unstoppable domains makes it a lot simpler ens likewise only lets you claim dot eth addresses while unstoppable domains lets you claim dot crypto dot zil dot coin dot wallet and a few others something to note here is that for both of these domain services to host a website you must use an internet browser that supports the extensions like crypto or eth and i’ll actually speak about this later on in the video another way unstoppable domains appears to me to be much better than ens is because they in fact only charge a one-time cost while ens is based upon payment each year for whiteboard crypto.eth on ens i paid around 60 dollars to secure 10 years and i actually did this a couple of months ago and since then gas costs have actually probably made that appear very budget-friendly for me i personally believe the biggest difference here is the difference in between ownership of a name instead of a subscription to a name unstoppable domains have prices less than sixty dollars and you’ll never ever have to worry about forgetting to restore your address lastly they’re transferring to layer two so speaking of appearing cost effective unstoppable domains is really introducing on polygons soon suggesting they’re moving from the primary ethereum network to a layer 2 network which. Unstoppable Domains Protected

d. Configure DNS and other settings: After purchasing the domain, you can configure DNS settings to link it to your website, decentralized application, or blockchain-based material. Unstoppable Domains offers an user-friendly dashboard for managing these settings. e. Usage your Web3 domain: Once set up, your Web3 domain can be utilized much like a standard domain. Visitors can access your site or material by entering the Web3 domain into their browsers. Usage Cases for Web3 Domains: Web3 domains, supplied by Comparable services and unstoppable domains, have numerous use cases: a. Decentralized Sites: You can produce censorship-resistant sites hosted on IPFS and connect them to your Web3 domain. b. Blockchain Wallet Addresses: Streamline the procedure of getting cryptocurrency by associating your crypto wallet address with your Web3 domain. This makes it easier for others to send you crypto. c. Decentralized Applications (dApps): Link your Web3 domain to a decentralized application, supplying a remarkable and user-friendly method for users to access your dApp. d.

with dot crypto does not deal with the majority of internet browsers unless you use a special extension so if you want to host a website and desire somebody to view it you’ll need to ask to set up brave or unstoppable domains extension or wait until it becomes a requirement in the traditional web 2.0 world a web browser like brave will in fact convert your turtle cat.crypto domain into an ip address just like it provides for any other website after which you can search the website like you would google or facebook and i’m stating all of this to reveal you how dot crypto and dot zill work is exactly the like how dot com or dot org work other than the group of individuals managing the url part of the internet or icann they haven’t made crypto or dot zill a standard yet this is most likely since every part of every com sale they in fact receive a portion of but they do not get a part of every crypto domain sale personally even with these dangers i still believe we require a service like unstoppable domains to assist onboard new crypto users their interface is really user friendly the charges are much lower and there are no gas fees moving forward plus given that they produce human understandable addresses among many different wallets they are plainly a tool that new users will value for those people who have actually currently bought defy comprehending wallet addresses and how clever contracts work is like a force of habit however just a couple of years ago or for me a couple of months ago a lot of these concepts were over our heads just like you do not necessarily need to know how chrome really loads your facebook.com page by using dns ipv6 html and javascript you don’t necessarily need to know precisely how crypto.

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Content Hosting: Shop and share material on IPFS and use your Web3 domain to supply direct access to this content. e. NFT Galleries: Create a gallery of your NFT (Non-Fungible Token) art and link it to your Web3 domain, making it easy for art collectors to view your collection. Unstoppable Domains and similar services offer an unique way to develop ownership and control over your online presence in the Web3 era, where decentralization and censorship resistance are valued concepts. By setting up a Web3 domain, you can take pleasure in these benefits and explore different innovative and functional use cases.

pay with ethereum so the first thing we’re going to do is in fact click ethereum down here and after that we are going to copy this address go up to our metamask account and click send and after that i’m going to paste the address in and after that the amount of ethereum i’m going to send is the precise quantity that they have actually shared here and although it’s determined at little less than 40 this is what they’re requesting so that’s how much i’m going to send i’m going to check those eight 4 five 3 eight four five 3 with two leading absolutely nos so that’s what i’m going to pay with we’re going to go on and click next as you can see here the transaction cost is going to be 24 which’s just because right now ethereum is extremely crowded so to get your transaction initially in line you need to pay generally twenty 3 dollars for this video i’m gon na go ahead and pay that but i would not suggest you paying that right now as you can see they’ve immediately upgraded that they have detected a payment and now we essentially wait for that payment to be verified [Music] if we go here and we click these three dots and view accounts in ether scan we can actually see that 20 seconds ago that deal was made and if we click on that transaction you can see here there are 2 block verifications and some locations like to see 10 other like to see 35 and what this means is that there’s in fact in this block there’s two more blocks that have actually been verified in front of it and so this is to ensure that this deal in fact doesn’t get reverted because of some fork in the network the more block verifications you have the more safe this deal is there we go they have actually emailed the receipt to my e-mail and then they have actually also once again showed me just how much i paid so if i go here to go to my domains now i in fact own turtlecat.